About Crisis Communications

Our Plus Communications experts are equipped with the experience and understanding to help our clients prepare for and, when needed, respond effectively to unforeseen issues and crisis situations.

Considering the complex and unpredictable market conditions in India, we understand just how important it is for a company or organization to communicate effectively when their reputation is compromised by incorrect or inaccurate information.

Communicating proactively with confidence and transparency in times of crisis is crucial for minimizing damage to corporate reputation. It also requires a clear and direct plan with well defined communication and response strategies. Putting words into action, we provide our clients with in-depth and in-person crisis communications training to ensure smooth execution in times of need.

During crisis situations, the communications challenges are greater than ever, particularly because in such times companies come under closer scrutiny by shareholders and the media.

We offer companies the expertise to respond to the most challenging and sensitive business situations, with a range of crisis management services that include preparedness planning, litigation support, crisis simulation and media training, real-time crisis counseling, and issue monitoring and analysis. We prepare senior executives on how to effectively communicate key messages during a crisis helping them to achieve the best possible outcome.