About Investor Relations

The economic environment, competitive landscape, investors' attitudes and marketplace dynamics have changed dramatically for public companies during the past decade. To succeed in today's environment, companies must differentiate themselves by building investors' confidence in their ability to create measurable value. The foundation to a company's corporate reputation among investors is to clearly define and articulate the business model.

Our Approach

Plus Communication offers clients a wide range of investor relations capabilities. As a full service agency, Plus Communication's approach is comprehensive; we capture insight from important investment decision makers and influencers in order to convey our clients' story and messages. The principal investor relations objective is to develop and implement a financial communication program that effectively communicates a company's long-term strategic vision. It is the business strategy, if properly understood, that creates credibility for the future-value proposition of the corporation. Plus Communication helps its clients communicate their economic proposition, while establishing, enhancing and protecting management's credibility. We help our clients shape perceptions so they accurately reflect a company's performance, corporate reputation, goals and strategies.

By taking this approach that effectively combines analysis and research with strong experience providing strategic counsel, Plus Communication helps clients achieve measurable results from their financial communications efforts. This approach not only broadens the base of long-term investors, it helps maximize shareholder value and reduce the company's overall cost of capital. Our ultimate goal is to build the company's corporate brand so that it is recognized as the leader in its industry.